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 Welcome to our community of feminine connection. I am so glad that you are here.


 You will find a supportive environment to bloom where you are planted. I know you want to be seen and heard because you matter. You will learn ways of living from the truth of your heart and soul which can be very rewarding.

Two of the greatest challenges in our lives is feeling worthy and being fearful. You are worthy of everything that life has to offer. However, you may feel blocked in knowing your worthiness. Together, we can transform the blocks that are keeping you from your best life. I am committed to assisting you in remembering the truth of your Divine Light.

Sessions will align your body, mind, and spirit allowing you to embody your greatest light in wholeness. Transformational processes bring forth powerful change with grace and ease.

Classes and workshops are designed for you to know how to be living your greatest life. You will receive instruction and hands -on learning to bring forward your wisdom, in knowing how to navigate your life. Peace, harmony, and love will flow through your heart and soul truth.

I am grateful to be assisting clients all over the world.

In loving service to you and Spirit,

       Marcia Maria

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Marcia Maria.

We are glad you are joining our community.

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Love is the basis of all life. Love is the only answer.

The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation while the lotus is a symbol of unconditional love and peace. Marcia's services offer you the opportumity to achieve unconditional love and peace in your life.

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The love and joy in life that you are seeking, is also seeking you. You are worthy! You have come to the right place. Schedule a session now. 1.734.621.2621

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Healing Arts

Reiki, Theta Healing, Guided Meditations...


Energy Balancing

Chakra Balancing


Crystalline Activations.


Spiritual Guidance

Intuitive Connection


Channeled Messages from the Christ Consciousness


Uplifting Vibrational Paintings and Photography


Light filled transformational classes, workshops, and ceremonies


 Marcia is a conscious channel for the Light. She is in committed service to the Divine's plan of Awakening for this planet. She has brought forth loving, powerful messages to guide humanity in a deeper awareness of love and choice. Marcia's ability to open to the voice of her surroundings is phenomenal. I have heard her bring forth the voice of nature, tone the Cosmos, and share the most nurturing love vibrations. She is a gift to this planet.   Claire W.... Sedona, AZ 

When Marcia Maria channels, I feel my body resonate with her words and the meaning.  She creates energy that touches my heart, my soul, and my cells which in turn manifests a new perception.  Her voice projects energy that is sweet and tender, that touches my heart and changes my life...Elaine Simmons...Olympia, WA