About Marcia Maria

Awakening to Love, Joy, Light, Freedom, and Peace

Academic  Background

B.A. in Social Psychology

A.A. Design

Certification in Women's Studies


Blue Rose Golden Light of Unity



Crystalline Activations


Conscious Channeling

Uplifting Vibrational Art

Transformational Practices




is Energy,  
Vibration &

Marcia Maria 

Honoring all paths to the Divine.

Live your life through your own unique light,

heart, and vision.

Marcia Maria lives from her heart. She is an educator, an intuitive, healing arts master, and artist. In 2006 she was given the honor of sharing the Blue Rose Golden Light of Unity. This activation carries the vibrations and frequencies of the Christ Light, the Magdalene legacy along with the Golden Light of the Creator. It anchors in the Divine Twin Flame energies while balancing the feminine and masculine energy for a new level of wholeness. 

Being a conscious channel for Spirit, Marcia brings forth the messages and activations from the Christ Consciousness. Often times during these channeled sessions, there are direct crystalline light actions for the planet. The teachings that come through are to assist individuals, groups, and the collective for embodying their light, heart awakening, and a deeper understanding of love. The goal is to be living from the heart, fully grounded in life while living co-creatively with Spirit.

In recent years, Marcia developed Crystal Light Energy Healing which draws upon the universal crystalline light to transmute and transform that which no  longer serves a person's highest good. Then she updates  the client's own crystalline channels of light for their current soul's journey.


Personally, Marcia
Personally, Marcia


Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Transformation

Reiki Master/Teacher

Karuna Reiki

Crystal Light Reiki

Hypnosis; stress reduction, addiction therapy, pain relief, inner child work, soul coaching, past life, joy therapy, Parts Therapy

Guided Meditation

Sound Therapy...Soma-energetics,

Tuning forks, Crystalline bowls

Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Feng Shui

Rising Star

Soul Guidance

Theta Healing

Intrinsic Life Coach

Wellness Coach

Oneness Blessing

Golden Orb Diksha

Shamanic Practitioner

HypnoBirthing Educator

Personally, Marcia


Marcia loves to travel and explore new cultures, new worlds, and new lands. Her love of nature is always expanded in her journeys. The friends she has made across the world have deeply enriched her life. One of her main interests is traveling the world expanding her understanding and wisdom in Spirituality.


"I believe that I am here to assist people in becoming self-responsible in their life's journey whether that is for their own healing, spiritual awakening, or  creating their best life. 

Each person is the most beautiful expression of the Creator and is in the process of remembering."


"My family, friends, and animals are the most earthly beloved  relationships in my life. 

My connection in and with nature is absolutely sacred. And, of course, my Beloved Divine connection blesses me beyond words."


Marcia has a deep commitment and belief in peaceful, harmonious, eco friendly communities which honor, love, and respect all life including the Cosmos.