Blue Rose

Golden Light of Unity Activation

Are you feeling the call of your awakening?


Looking outside of ourselves for that divine connection leaves us ever searching for a truth that resides within us. Open, to the knowing of the Divine within and remember. 

Do you know your inner truth? Are you ready to expand into a greater knowing of the Christ Cosnciousness? Then, this is for you. We, the Masters of the Christ Light are offering for you to receive a greater expansion in the Golden Light of the Christed Vibrations. This is not about a religion, far from it. This is about the Awakening of humanity on this planet. The Awakening to a greater knowing of LOVE. As you open to the knowing of Unity in all life, you assist in the awakening of all life. Quan Yin offers the Lotus Blossom with all the spiritual and physical qualities of the Sacred Lotus. Master Jeshua and Mary Magdalene represent the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine offering the Blue Rose. The Masters of the Christ Light bless you with the Diamond Christ Light Crystal. Mother Mary surrounds you in the Heart of All That IS. Completing the activation is an offering of the Creator of All That IS. Each of these individual blessings of love and light combine into one unified field of light for the highest and greatest good of all.

Our true source, of the Twin Flame connection, is Spirit (Source, God).  Step forward to dream a new world based in the energy of the heart, with the masculine and feminine in full balance. Let us all live in the truth of love, peace, balance, respect, honor and harmony. We have this opportunity to release all the past experiences of living in dis-harmony.

The Blue Rose activation results in the embodiment of fully integrated Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. Known to many as twin flame energies, Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ represent the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in this activation. However, rather  than  this concept  being thought of as an external  reality, with this activation you will know what it means to embody the oneness of Divine  Feminine and Divine Masculine energies fully balanced, engaged and integrated as one.

Six distinct, divine energies (light languages) will be placed in your physical and spiritual hearts. These separate energies are activated then blend as one. Then, this divine light flows through all levels of your being, activating and enlightening all of who you are in all dimensions.

$150.00  payment can be made through: Venmo, PayPal, Or Cash


Choosing to accept this higher level of awareness will bring to you:

  • Integration of the frequencies and vibrations of LOVE.

  • Deeper heart opening

  • Expansion into the Christ Consciousness

  • Deeper awareness of the Magdalene

  • Knowing of yourself in the Oneness and Unity of all life.

  • A heightened sense of joy into your life.

  • Deepening your connection to Source

  • Expansion  of your intuitive capacities

  • An ability to tap into that essential wisdom to awaken humanity

  • Your awareness level will expand creating a deeper understanding of compassion, love, strength and courage.

  • Your core sense of being will be strengthened and enhanced tremendously.

  •  Peace, joy, harmony and love will radiate from your inner core.

  • Full integration and balancing of Divine feminine and Divine masculine energies appropriate for you, in this now moment


You will be able to assist the collective consciousness by responding to this urgent call of bringing the feminine and masculine energies into balance. The awakening of humanity is on the rise. Love is the answer. Expanding your love consciousness will expand all consciousness. Enjoy embodying this expansive light while assisting with a greater awakening of heart consciousness for all beings. You will receive benefits beyond your imaginings.

Contact….Marcia Maria for more information: 1.734.621.2621             or register now: 

My Experience:

"Marcia Maria is a powerful channel of Divine healing. I received her Blue Rose Activation and in that process felt my heart open like it has never been before. Even after some time, I am still seeing the difference in my life. I know that I am thinking, acting and speaking with a balance of Sacred Wisdom and Sacred Strength that was not in me before."

Joy Davis...Ann Arbor, MI